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Our Services


Osteopath at Work

Chiropractic care can help promote better movement in your spine and extremities by mobilizing the joints and releasing the restrictions that can lock the spinal segments. Prior to your initial visit, your chiropractor will perform an evaluation and consultation to determine the best treatment for you. We offer therapies such as mechanical traction/intersegmental decompression, flexion-distraction, tens/e-stim, heat/ice, and massage either before or after your adjustment. Extremity work is also performed for regions such as the jaw, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, etc. Please consult with your chiropractor for you individualized needs.  Treating children, newborns, pregnant women, athletes, personal injury, and more. 

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy can help reduce muscle spasms, adhesions, promote circulation, lymphatic drainage, and many other benefits. Your massage therapist will consult with you prior to your session and ensure that your areas of concern are addressed as well as provide home care techniques and stretches. We offer deep tissue, prenatal, Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, and sports massage. 

Introducing: Wildflowers Hypnotherapy

Sandra Zambo, CCHT is the founder and CEO of Wildflowers Hypnotherapy located inside Living Roots Chiropractic. For more information and a link to schedule, please click here

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